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About the Books Collection

Some background about the EServer Books collection.

When the EServer was first created in September of 1990, we created collections of short fiction, plays, and short poetry, via FTP and Gopher. By 1993 we were running a webserver as well, and the Web was growing in readership popularity. We probably needed a collection of full-length works.

At the time the EServer was based at Carnegie Mellon University, and in 1993 a graduate student in Computer Science at CMU (John Mark Ockerbloom) put together his Online Books Page (now at the University of Pennsylvania). That site linked to all book-length collections online, and published some books as well.

Since then, we've redirected the EServer away from a focus on mongraphs (book-length projects), and toward other genres. But this site collects the miscellaneous book-length manuscripts that are published by the EServer.

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