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Yaron's Writings




Yaron's Writings

Shalom Gilad. I feel well, Our dog Sissi is ok. I'm running wild with Sissi,
she sometimes bites me.          Yaron Zamir.

Open the house  Open the flower
Open the weeds

Shalom Gilad

We are studying the poems of Kadya Moldovsky. We were at a play about The Nightingale. It was in Kibbutz Yif'at. A few days ago I was in Wingate for the farewell party of Yigal, since Amram asked Abba to take photos. It was very nice we are putting on three plays one on the girl Eilat and the second on the barrel and the third on the letter we are going to summer camp with the kvutsa. We are going to kibbutz.
Ga' ash
I hope you feel
I'm finishing the letter


Remembering Hannah
I remember the old house which was set apart
But nothing helped, something always got in,
Can you guess? Ok it was the mice,
I remember they got up
on the bed,
Hannah, Ruth and Sarah had to get rid of them,
I remember that when we moved to the new house we were
terribly happy and we brought over various things
in wheelbarrows and things were even better.
When Yaakov joined us and Moshe, it was great,
I remember how we helped Hannah
get them used to things but in the end Yaakov went
to another place and we were left with Moshe only but Hannah
looked after him and we helped him
He was really a nice boy
I’m sorry that you are leaving Hannah.

If I had a magician's hat
If I had a magician's hat
I would ask for peace
I would want it to come here
I would want there to be nice houses
and strong - I'd want the kibbutz to be rich
with tractors and a lot of houses
every day every day
I dream of a magician's hat
decorated with a feather doing everything
I want



Story of a tree
Once there was an old tree and its branches
were like an old man.  All the trees
mocked at it. Only one tree
would defend it against all the bad
Once in the evening the two trees, the old
and the young were telling each other
stories about past days. The old one
said: 'I had difficult and good days. I'll tell you
about the good days'. He told how he had lived among good trees
and strangling tree and this tree got hold of a pig
another tree brought a sharp stone
and they cut the pig into slices
they put all that had to be put
but suddenly one tree remembered
that they need fire, what did it do: it asked
every tree to contribute to the bonfire a few
branches and he also added some
And so all the trees
ate steaks, I think they
prepared this better than Amnon Shachar,
the best steak-maker in the kibbutz
and if you don't believe there
is a strangling tree, then read in the children's paper 'Mishmar leyeladim'
in the new issue number 21.
Written by Yaron
The story of a soldier in Gideon's army. So the attack took place and we entered with torches, jugs and rams? horns, Ok, how did we get in in spite of everything, even though there were guards? We came to the head guard, gave him 50 pounds end said he should be a good boy, otherwise it will be bad for him.  We also fixed  with  him what day  it  would  be Tuesday was fixed and we would attack by night. It was Saturday,  another three days to go. We prepared the torches, the horns and the jugs, The torches were so as to burn all they had, the horns  were to act as a sign and to frighten them and the jugs were to  cover the torches so they wouldn't give light. The jugs were also to  put over the enemy's heads. Ok. The day of the attack came. We met the  guard we had bribed and penetrated into the camp. The enemy  was asleep so everything went well. The attack nevertheless took  place at 12.30 at night, so they fled.  Because of the intense darkness,  they began to fight among themselves, while we, Gideon's camp, burst  with laughter. That was how we got rid of the Midianites.


We want peace we want peace
If you'll tell us that Nasser doesn't care
we want peace'
Nasser, we want peace - we'll fight
for the Homeland
Even if it will be a birthday - we'll knock twice on your door

Nasser we want peace
Nasser we went peace
If you'll say: 'I don't care', then we'll tell
you, what are you babbling about to me, Nasser - tell us its peace!
We want it today. To have a big party with good refreshments and a cake
Too.  Nasser, we want peace,

Words and tune by Yaron.


I'm in Yagur at the ballet, The time is 4:15.
Shalom parents and Tamar!
What's new? I'm fine!
As I told you, I'm in kibbutz Yagur and the performance hasn't started yet. This morning we were in the Haifa maritime museum and it was great.  After that we went to the court but there wasn't actually a trial we could see. We walked a lot and I went to the port.

We sailed in a boat, it was very nice. But there was an unfortunate incident. We were in a boat with another 75 children from Holon.  The 'boss' of the boat was a miserable old man who said that 120 more children had come and there isn't another boat so we won't go to the Kishon river as he had promised.  Apart from this, he said this before the children and the people responsible for us. I wasn't there.

He said that the kibbutzniks are 'snobs' and they raise the price of tomatoes for no reason.  The performance is now about to start.

So I'll sign off
with love,

Written in an essay writing lesson
I'm just sitting here
And thinking like everyone else
I have nothing to write
I'm dressed as warm as a bear.

Its simply cold. The stove isn't lit
If it gets worse
I'll yell out.

The wind is already blowing in
I'm not lost yet
So give me ink and writing materials Otherwise I'm trapped.

I'm just writing
And its becoming clear here
To the whole world
That I'm only a poet.

Written on Holocaust Day  1973
Awaiting Freedom
He can't get out to freedom
He wanted more than anything to be free
Death in a camp where people were burned to death was approaching
He couldn't see this, his heart was clamped.

Skillfully, speedily, he tried to escape
But never' He was stopped by force.
Where are you going, Jew-boy?
What do you think, Kid
That you'll manage to get away like that?
Never! They'll stop you by force

I tried again and again
Even through the sewage pipes
I forged my way through the filth
But in the end I twisted my knee
And I retraced my steps
To the camp up above.
Here there is hardly any bread
Here I'm almost drying up.

I'm expecting to be saved, or that a miracle
will come in
and tell me: go back now
run away now to freedom.

I'm waiting here for the miracle
which will come in
Here in the camp
I'm sitting reflecting and thinking

Written on Yud Alef be'Adar in memory of Yosef Trumpeldor.
There was once a man
Whose name was Yosef Trumpeldor
He came from Russia
And fought for his existence.
By night he ploughed
And by day he was on watch
This was the stance he took
Though he had one arm.

They stood at Tel-Chai from there they wouldn't budge
They repelled the invaders
as in legendary times.

Together against a multitude,
They held out for days,
They asked their people
to send them fighters
They stood before their would-be conquerers
'A Jewish stronghold is never abandoned'

Yes, there in Galilee
He held out nobly
They made an exemplary stand
Without mourning and grief.

Once they were tempted
And opened the gate
Then the Arabs entered
And bloody battles took place
Trumpeldor was injured there
And taken off on a stretcher.
The doctor asked how he felt

And he replied: 'It is good to die for our country'


Shalom Naomi'

What's new? I'm feeling great, I want to tell you about the events of the last few days, So I'll tell you about the farewell performances.  This Friday evening every kvutsa had prepared a performance to put on that evening, 'Ilanot' opened the evening, They presented the study subjects which they had learned. They are only in the second and third grade and it was really beautiful.

Tell Ginger that his sister Orit performed wonderfully.  Its preferable not to describe kvutsat Ayala's play, In the fourth and fifth grade with such a low level (in my opinion) they should not have gone on stage.

We put on the play 'This is the history of', which describes the childhood days of our kvutsa and growing up, In my opinion it went well and was very nice.

Then the children's holiday. In the morning every child received a T-shirt with the 25th anniversary symbol of Ein Dor.

At 9 in the morning, the whole kibbutz went to a field behind the new houses, crop-spraying plane came and parachuted bags of sweets. It was very nice.  Afterwards everyone went to the swimming pool and icecream was given out.   It lunch time there was a partial eclipse. Abba prepared a black negative
for me so I could see the eclipse.

At 4.30 there was a short procession and then the party started. In the old dining hall there was 'carting' and near the children's shelter there were 'mini-cars' for the little ones. There was a 'tractor-train' and something similar but smaller. There was sugar floss, a strength tester and shooting at a target with an airgun. There were also camels. The festival was marvellous.

Some of the group went away today, (some went yesterday). The sea was fine and we also went in 'canoes'. Afterwards we went to the 'garden of surprises' in Tel Aviv near the Yarkon. It was really pleasant there and we played tag against part of 'Ilanot' and then went by foot to the Sdeh Dov airport and flew to Mahanayim with an Arkia plane. We saw kibbutz Ein Dor from the plane. It was marvellous, terribly exciting.  We came down in Mahanayim and waited for Moshe Cohen who came in a bus and took us to Ein Dor.

I'll finish here

Your loving brother

Shalom Naami, for us - your old father is gradually beginning to find a common language with his young son Yaron - and I think I told you that he is training me in basketball according to all the rules - and is he a tough nut' Until I learned ?a step and a half' I felt almost finished. But its excellent for me, and no less good for him - so much so that after the first bout of training he asked why I didn't actually read the sports news. I promised him to take more interest once I got into the subject. What saved me in netting the ball was my having looked at several games on television.

...The day before yesterday it was the start of the second week of vacation following the pleasant surprises of the first week, including an aeroplane flight over the country. It was then I asked him if he wanted to come and photograph with me. He was very happy. I set the light and the speed and focused for him, then let him shoot. And there is in all truth no possibility of differentiating between his photos and mine

...And so in general everything is ok and yesterday Yaron informed us that from now on we shouldn't worry if he didn't come to our room. He's grown up and has all sorts of activities and training practice in the afternoons and if he doesn't come to us he says there is no cause for concern - all this while finishing off a two pound melon.

The Yom Kippur War (8.10.73)
Greetings to a soldier somewhere on the front
Greetings to a soldier fighting out there
Defending his homeland bravely
With his whole heart and soul.

His heart is thundering like a machine gun
is somewhere beating so strongly
'I won't give up' his comrade yells
But he was hit by a bullet and he breathed his last.

And then he took the machine gun in his hands
and with strangled tears spat fire
With weeping eyes he stands and looks
Crying and crying for his fallen comrade.

Its terrible to see women, old people and children
all weeping over a young man who was taken from them
who is now imprisoned somewhere in a foreign land
where it is very hot.

Stunned people and bereaved parents
Are also weeping here over the blood of those who fell.


Lines (1974)
I saw lines
Red lines
Red lines of blood

Going on and on
Twisting in the hills
In the high hills somewhere.
Maybe they'll join
And maybe they'll still form
Form the character of a human being.

And the human being became
a person who walks,
a person of flesh and blood

And the blood which was spilled
Went to the hills
joined together and was transformed into a man


To Hannah, Shalom!
How are you? All is well with me.  If you'll look at the name which appears down below at the end of the
letter, you may pinch yourself and ask if its correct that the name written there black upon white is Yaron: but its the truth.

Well, you will certainly not understand why I'm writing to you at all, after I didn't reply for two years to your lone letter. Apparently I simply felt in my heart that it wasn't right that the whole thing should end that way. (I understand that you've gone up to the kibbutz highschool)

Don't think that I'm sex mad or something of that sort. We were both simply very young relatively, 13 years old, and don't think I don't remember the date of your birthday!  26th of October, right?

Hannah, it may be that you have a boyfriend and don't think I'm trying to begin this romance (if you'd like to call it that) from the start. I simply wanted to write to you and I promise that if I get a letter from you I'll surely come to Hatzor in the summer, during the long vacation.

Incidentally, don't think I didn't see you, and you me, in the Jerusalem camp. I still don't have a girlfriend and if I will have one it may only be next year, who knows? Hannah, I hope you take the reply to me seriously for its important for me to know what you think of me!!

I hope you've grown and remained as beautiful as you were then.

The address:
Yaron Zamir
Kibbutz Ein Dor
DN Yizrael 19-335

In friendship,

Shalom to you, Yaron,

When I was wondering from whom I could got a letter without a name on the back of the envelope, I really couldn't imagine that it would be from you. But as it turns out' its a fact, right?

In any case, I'm replying to you: a) because I'm awfully fond of writing letters and b) because I'm curious to know what really motivated you suddenly to write to me...

I wanted to tell you that I don't have a boyfriend: as yet I haven't ever had one. (I believe that in time I'll have one..), But now I don't mean anything like this but just to write, to be friends if thats how you want to call it. Now I'm thinking what else to tell you:

Should I tell about myself, about the highschool, or about heaven knows what? But I don't know if it'll be interesting - anyway, a bit about myself on condition that you also tell a little about yourself so that we'll get to know each other better. (I can't hear your answer but you're saying 'ok', right?).

So: I'm just average in everything - height 160, weight 52 kg., not too high and not too low, neither especially fat nor thin, I'm not the cleverest but certainly not the most stupid.

I very much like to read poetry, to study literature and chemistry, to dance, to sing, to paint and to like everyone in the kvutsa. My standing is pretty good, I'm not particularly hated but neither am I the best liked (I told you I'm terribly average, nothing special in me. What can one do?), At the beginning of the year I thought everyone in the group hated me and I was terribly depressed, It took me a little time to understand that life doesn't always divide everything up into black and white, into only hats and love, I understood that not everyone can love me because this is the way of
the world.

With me, everything simply affects my emotions directly and its only later that reason comes in. Well, thats it more or less. I think I've told you a little about who I am even though I'd like to tell you more but I was a bit afraid it would bore you and perhaps you wouldn't understand what I was getting at and who I really am. Apart from this its happened to me several times that I told too much and afterwards I was sorry.


To Hannah Shalom,
How are you? I'm fine and I hope you are too
For a start I'll begin by answering your questions, ok?

Five minutes after I finished reading your letter, I sat down to write you this letter.

 First of all: are you mad to write me how much you weigh and whets your height? This isn't usually pleasant for a girl, right?

Well if we've started with this sort of Idea, I don't weigh much more than you, only 55 kg, and my height is around 170, resembling your measurements, right?

In connection with your question about my sentence, well: the meaning is obvious - in spite of everything there was something between us and you can't deny this and say "you don't know him'' and thats all there is to it'  In spite of everything, there was something between us!

As I wrote to you then I am not trying to start a new romance or to carry on a romance in episodes but I simply couldn't come to Hatzor even if I wanted to since it would be unpleasant for me after what happened if there was nothing between us then (a) I would have come to Hatzor and perhaps you would have looked at me like a beau or a dreamboy but its not certain anything would have come out of this and (b) in this way both of us profit and both of us correspond and greatly enjoy it. Right?

In the kvutsa I am considered (often) stupid, thats what the children think, stupid, with all that goes with it, but I'm not that bad. First, I have potential but don't exploit it and I don't study biology and physics.

In literature and history we have two excellent teachers, so it?s interesting. I try to read as much as possible but I don't always find time or a good book which.. by the way, I recommend 'The Odessa File' to you' a marvellous book very well worthwhile reading.

You know, after I sent that letter I didn't know how you'd react and I naturally awaited a letter in reply but I thought maybe you'd scoff at me and perhaps you'd put that letter on the class notice board but as I anticipated you wrote back to me.

As regards the correspondence, I think its wonderful to have someone with whom to exchange letters and especially when its a girl and not a boy because then there are almost no secrets.

I personally think about a certain girl in the eighth grade from our neighboring kibbutz, Gazit, but meanwhile apart from her looking at me a lot (so I noticed) and I at her, theres nothing and thats how it will apparently be during this year.

I want to know more as to what you expect from me and hope that I'm not disappointing you and that you have no intentions whatsoever towards me, but who knows?  If you want a photo of me don't forget that my father is a photographer and theres no problem.

I'm dying to get your reply and that it should be longer!!!

Don't forget to write your family name,

In friendship


Shalom Yaniv! What's new? How are you feeling?

Today is Friday and the last day of the school year and its now 1 a.m. and the beginning of a new day-and with it the vacation.

To tall you the truth, I thought of writing to you on Sunday but I had no patience so.. this is the result,

As to the dining hall, so you'll understand whets going on, I work in the carpentry shop and it has done and is doing a lot for this dining hall.

We're now starting to make the chairs So the situation is improving and the future looks rosy.

I forgot to mention that before the opening of the pool, they finished tiling the small and intermediate pools with porcelain. Apparently the big pool will be tiled next year.

Yaniv, in connection with your spelling, please note there are all sorts of solutions but from my own experience, its worthwhile doing away with spelling mistakes. Its worth it and I recommend you read a lot of books in Hebrew, and the content isn't important and then you'll learn how to write the words correctly. (Don't worry, I manage to decode your letters).

I gave the letters to Ya'ara and Tsviah.

After reading your letter, I want to tell you a number of things. But especially this matter of coming back to Israel before your parents finish their mission. I'm not trying to advise you like some psychologist, but Yaniv, try not to disturb your parents and try to accept it as it is and don't make the situation worse.

Finish the seven months and see what your position is and then decide; and this is much preferable to saying: I'm returning in seven months. As they say: 'wait and see'. And don't let it get you down.

Yaniv, I'd like you to write me why you jumped a class.

I hope you heard of Israel's success in the Yugoslavia basketball match and that you rejoiced with us.

The time is already 1.30 and I'm 'dying' to sleep.

Regards to your parents and family

And don?t forget to reply quickly.

Los Angeles 11.1.75
Shalom Yaron,
Something which perhaps seems unimportant and insignificant to you today will transpire with time to be important and you'll be in need of it in a few years time. So why not do a bit more now when the time is all yours?'

Not that I was a diligent pupil, but today I'm sorry about this and therefore try a bit from afar to examine with you if its worthwhile, and why. According to your writing, you must be much better than me in your studies, believe me.

It seems to me that it would be better if we could sit together in our parents' room and talk about it, but this is a bit difficult so perhaps we should try to clarify it by letter if you so desire.

And I'll be happy to hear from you, Yours, Gilad.

3.9.75 Shalom Gilad,
Whats new with you in Panama and Ecuador?
I'm feeling well and longing for you to return already,
So what are your plans for the future?

Here we've finished the vacation and I'm going up into the ninth grade.

..if you read something on the interim agreement between Israel and Egypt, maybe you already know that we've initialled the agreement and they'll sign it in the Government today.

..Abba has been 'dismissed' from the army and has a release document and this is rather nice. Pity I don't have one for four years ahead..



Hatzor 31.12.75
Yaron Shalom,

.. I find it a bit strange that though you know you have ability, you don't exploit it consciously. You should know that this is nonsense. Stop behaving like a child who doesn't think about such things, and then they'll also stop relating to you accordingly.

Thats how it looks to me, Maybe I'm not right but thats what can be understood from what you wrote.  If I'm wrong, correct me. Ok? don't disappoint me since from the beginning I didn't set out with exaggerated expectations and if it looks to you as if I preached too much in connection with studies, perhaps you're right. But I feel a time will come when you'll regret this nonsense.

..if you'll send a photo, I'll be terribly happy. Hannah Eshel

To Gilad Shalom'

..On the whole the time passes awfully quickly and i, you are 26, you're already quite old.. but here our studies go on.

..I try to train a lot in basketball and to read books in my spare time and I can say that in the last few months I've read a lot, be it a novel or a thriller or on the Jewish people in the Holocaust like 'The Odessa File', Now I've started with Alistair Macleans books such as 'Night Without End', ' Fear is the Key ', and 'Ice Station Zebra', an excellent book. Altogether, I'm trying to enjoy life even though school studies harm this desire quite a lot.

..Tell ma why you weren't at the Rio Carnival and altogether don't be ashamed to write because you know how we miss you and every bit of information, even the smallest, makes us feel

Ok, I'm signing off and hope to hear from you as quickly as possible


To Yaniv Shalom!

How are you? I'm fine, especially after the Mosad's marvellous 'Cannibal Purim' celebration, which was really good this year.

The dancing was absolutely ecstatic and everyone joined in and went mad.  The food was terrific even though it was cold since expenses must be cut.

There were stalls like: 'the stall of fear' which in fact was a ghost train; there was also a 'bow and arrow stall', with people aiming at pictures of the schoolteachers, there was a slippery soap stall, a 'cult stall' and a 'tea stall' so as to calm down with tea and hot punch and cold tasty icecream to eat.

We are going on our annual class trip to Jerusalem and hope it'll be great, The next week, we're starting the school theme which will be on: 'Man at the end of the twentieth century'.

Ok' after this we'll have the Passover vacation and we'll be in a scout camp near Jerusalem.

Yaniv, take yourself in hand and stop giving your parents trouble'

I'm not out to brainwash you or preach to you but - and its a big but - you must take yourself in hand because it won't help to put on a boycott!

Cut out the nonsense and don't think only about Israel and the kibbutz highschool, since I'm not aiming to provoke you but to remind you that there is still a group which remembers you as their friend and like you, wants things to go well. My letters to you set out to give you information on whets going on, and not to provoke you! So forget the bad things, and look how the time is passing quickly and thats the truth. Try to lea m Spanish, its important in life to learn, and try not to cause problems for your parents who surely work hard enough without this.

I was terrifically happy to get your really lovely photo, it would be good if from time to time you send regards from my parents to yours.

So Yancho - all the best and here's to your success.

With Love,

July 4 1976
Shalom Yaron,

Whats new? What are you doing in the holiday? This morning they announced the fantastic Entebbe operation liberating the kidnapped plane. I must tell you it was really extraordinary and incredible, Even though as usual in every operation there is a price, and it is paid by a few people - we sank into great joy, drinking wine in the afternoon and altogether feeling that the IDF can achieve the impossible. Actually we really didn't think about those families for whom today is one of mourning and not celebration. For there were families which should have returned home and didn't.

This is how it always is...

What do you think? Incidentally, someone from our kibbutz participated in the rescue squad. I heard that among those who were kidnapped was a couple from Ein Dor, right?

As always


Gilad - Shalom - you really deserve greetings after I haven't written a word for ages, so I decided to take myself in trend and write a few words. So first of all, whets new in Quito? When are you going down from Equador to Brazil, Argentina or another country? Yaniv Shikma, the son of Haim and Ofra, returned to Ein Dor because he was fad up with Argentina and he drove his parents completely mad, I know this only too well since I corresponded with him for a long time.

Tamar and Naomi were here on Friday and it wee absolutely marvellous to see Naomi after not having seen her for about three months (so imagine how it la with you'). During the long holiday I went to a course for the captains of basketball teams in preparation for another three or four courses. At the end the main course is for trainers. I met a lot of new Friends. Well, I've nothing to add and brevity is the soul of wit. So,..

As I said, we've started studies and I'm no longer so little (lOth grade) and there are only three more years to study, which pass terribly quickly and then...

The basketball season starts with the lessons and I'm doing a lot of practicing and trying to remain fit and reach a decent standard.

Apart from the 7th grade, a group of Americans from the 11th grade have also joined the kibbutz high school. They are marvellous people and its very easy to chat with them and make friends. If the experiment will succeed this year, another group of the same age will come next year and this will be great.

Yesterday I was with Raphael? from my group, in Tel Aviv at a conference of representatives of 10th graders and it was interesting. The representatives discussed how to consolidate the age-group, which numbers 500 youngsters through activities like giving help to children in development towns in the north and south of Israel

O.K., that?s all.

My dear Abbaleh

You're no longer young
And you know us
We'll always love you
Because you've remained so lively.

To Abba the photographer
Who is so clever
That he always finds a way to help
Even if there is a crisis.

To Abba who is celebrating
And so full of pleasure now
You're getting on
Along with Tamar.

All this
From your son

Who loves you so much.


Gilad - how are you? How do you feel? How are things with you? Everything's (still) ok with me and now its cold outside, wind and rain. Oust shitty! I have a natural hatred of the winter and suffer from it, what can one do? Tamar finished the army (congratulations) and came back to us though we don't see her much, since she's studying at the Goren Yizrael area college and has a room of her own, and half a husband, so all in all... The day before yesterday we gave her a homecoming party from the army with a good festive meal but the guest of honor (Tamer) fell ill and was absent so the four of us had to eat: Ima, Abba, David and I.

Now its altogether great - David is also ill which was to be expected.

Along with another girl from my group, I am the youth leader from my class for the sixth graders from Kibbutz Gazit and its been going well up to now and occassionally there are get-togethers of the young leaders which is quite nice.

Tamar Zamir and Ofer Nisman will start to be counsellors for my group, after our having suffered for a long time from the kibbutz's inability to find someone. Tamar has just finished the army and Ofer came back from a journey abroad.

By the way, with a friend's passport Ofer was ten days in Egypt and a number of days in East Germany!! Don't you try!!

Ok, so when are you coming back, Gilad? A year ago you spoke of getting rid of debts in Ecuador' When will all this end? We so much want to see you again.

It wouldn't be so bad if you were still wandering through the countries of the world, but to be stuck in some hole called Equador? And another year? Look, its true you went off to see and get to know people and so on and not only to see our world but come on' I understand you can't put everything on Esther's shoulders and run away, but lets get things moving!

Right now I'm working in maintenance of the children's houses along with Yair Hamburg and in winter its fine' The moment the melon season will enable me to work there, I'm going right in' Its a good place in summer and in general.

I hope you hear a bit about whets happening in our small country from papers etc. If you'll write, we'll answer - that I promise.

See you

Our parents are marking time and Ima is already preparing for when you'll be returning.- She has a date in mind, January 1975. What can one do, an Ima's an Ima! Abba is ok, taking photos, working, etc. going from one photography circle to the next in our little land and his head is full of  something like a year's studies in the USA and so on

Shalom to you Gilad

... the date, if you notice, is quite a significant one for the Arabs at least, if not for us - for it is 10 years since the Six-Day war, which left such a sour taste in the mouth of the Arabs but what can one do?

In Israel theres a real mess-up with all the political thing - Begin's Likud is in power, there still isn't a government and they're trying to form a coalition.

A bit about myself: I'm getting older already, finishing 10th grade becoming one of the levers which moves the highschool.. my work as youth leader is going well.

Some time ago I joined the cotton branch and enjoy the work there very much. We're now working towards the youth movement camp and thats a difficult job since now you are in charge and not one of the kids and there's a lot or work...

Ok Gilad - meanwhile thats all. See you and don't be ashamed to write if you can and if you want.

Shalom with love, Yaron

On Hieronymous Bosch, 10th grade.
In my opinion, Bosch is a painter who opened the way for artists in our times and especially for surrealism. Personally, I enjoy learning about him and doing this work, even if I'm not an avowed lover of art.

Bosch knew how to impress those seeing his pictures through his devilish creations and the technical effects which he possessed (control of paint, perspective, etc.).

Perhaps because he was so special in his period in his unusual paintings he is known as a strange and unconventional artist but there is no doubt that this is how Bosch was in his period and nowadays, too, it is hard to find artists painting like him.

Tamar and David, Shalom'

Chats new, how is the little lady from Ein Dor managing in the great city of lights? I hope all is well and that you are getting accustomed to the new reality and enjoying every minute.

Things are ok with me though its a bit lonely at home, everything's all right and I'm trying not to drive Ima mad and as usual,this is a bit hard - you know how it is'.

One studies now and again, works, eats, sleeps, has a good time and

is in love with me and I also love her

The truth is that this is quite an old tale - since I was in the 8th grade and she in the 7th but nothing came of it and its a shame the time is being wasted and in another year plus I'll be going to the army and the best years are in highschool, so I'd simply like you to write me and try to help me - not that I'm in trouble with girls!

I know of at least five girls who are 'dying' specifically for me but they don't interest me like the one from the 'Tidhar' class so I don't want to try someone else before her' And I'm a bit fed up with it!

We received the Telex which you sent from Paris and the parents were of course terribly pleased and excited. Not I' The recent photos of the kibbutz, and with me' came out wonderfully and Abba will surely send them to you. To David I'm sorry the letter is rather personal but I'm sure he'll
understand me!

See you With love Yaron.

To Yaron - warm greetings.
Your letter broke the bank, it was great. I really liked the way you wrote and I think you have an excellent approach to this whole subject of friendship and love.

According to what you wrote then, you behaved in a most mature and wise way and even if it doesn't work out (maybe its already going full speed ahead and I don't know! ..?) don't feel as if you were an idiot or stupid. You did the right thing and perhaps she's still not ready or you are simply not the boy she wants...

I think this builds one's character and its important that it doesn't always work out, that there are failures (and I'm referring to all areas of life) because this lets you understand others and to be more forgiving and compromising.

I don't think that I can give you a concrete suggestion as to how to behave but I'd like to encourage you not to feel that this is the end of the world. All in all, you tried - you asked if she wants, thats all, this isn't called humiliating yourself. Know that someone who doesn't dare to do anything - nothing happens to him, neither bad nor good.

Love, Tamer.

To Ima and Abbe, warm greetings,

This is the last night with Yaron, and the truth is that I asked him today what we'll do without him. He was such a darling!!

...last Wednesday we went away to a rural home of friends and the three of us treated ourselves for three days.

Also, we talked a lot with Yaron (his initiative" ) on the school, on friendship, on love, really on everything and it was important because this way we created a long-term contact. I had the feeling that now if he wants, he can always come to us to talk, and this is wonderful.

See you
David and Tamar

To Gilad and Naomi - Shalom '

..its a bit hard to long for Tamar and David, both of whom had a part in influencing me while they were in the kibbutz until their journey For in spite of everything its only a month since I saw them and they are still with me in dreams' in thoughts, etc. It is difficult not to long for those happy days in Paris with the parents. It was simply wonderful and they

know this so well and therefore there is no need to add a single word. With love, Yaron

My dear Tamar,

Its tough for me! Right now I'm crying. Spiritually, both in tears and in writing, I'm letting it all pour out in my weeping' There is a phrase which says: 'When the heart overflows, the eyes pour out'.

I heard this saying yesterday and now its so apt for me that its simply surprising! I know that when you get this letter I'll be in a position which will be either better or sadder, but certainly different.

Nevertheless, I must be honest with myself. The urge to write is what brought me to this position and I have no difficulty in putting words to paper.

And so - on Friday the parents went off for a short vacation to the beach in Michmoret until Tuesday. Last week they were in Eilat on a trip with the kibbutz in three groups, and it was great' I went with my group to Givat Haviva for two days of 'ideological seminar', which was good I returned in the afternoon, opened the mail and received the cassette, which I know was due for you'd written of it. I was terrifically happy but with a restrained happiness. I also got a shirt from Dani in Washington and altogether one can say that I'm in the first stages of getting to know a marvellous girl from the Harei Ephraim kibbutz highschool - so I had no reason to be sad' Your sincerity in the letter/cassette and the enclosed letter (the letter to Gilad which you wrote in the middle of your Carmel service) - it was this which brought me to a position of heartfelt weeping, with everything pouring out, actually for nothing, without a defined reason.

Before you told me about Ima and your dream, a sort of dizziness attacked me and heat burnt my body.

Ima is ok now and the tests are positive.

I'm studying in Mizra, if I haven't written on this, and trying to finish the year, which hardly started. I'm writing a few letters in English - to Oani and Kim. (a girl also from the American group) and try to make the best of my free time. Playing too much basketball, six times a week, which isn't at all easy.  I'm active in the kibbutz highschool as much as possible - the culture committee which is the committee, work in the cotton branch where we're now picking under pressure, while the citrus season has also started with great demands, so in general everything is moving!

So now I'm opening the tape again and listening for the first time to David's words and its his voice which warms my heart - so onward: its really marvellous to hear you together - you Tamar with your secure voice and David with the rough French accent: its hard for me not to be jealous of you and I want terribly to be with you there, even though I know Naomi is no longer there, even so.

With David I feel that he strongly wants to break out in an Indian war cry but since its only a tape' I understand that he's compelled to hold back.

We heard twice from the parents and from David's parents who were travailing in Europe and that was nice of them.

So see you in January - may it be!




A world of hate and skies of unrest
Are always a theme for a song of protest:

From village to village it preaches its word
To the young that thirst for tomorrow's world
To convince them is no problem we know
Because off to the army tomorrow they'll go.

The eyes that brightly gaze today and gleam
Will see that yesterday was only a dream
And finger on the trigger in a trench across the plain
You will truly know that it was all in vain.

For men who were so wise went out and built
Yet knew that one day people would be killed
Out to run along with the times they did not want to fail
So they did not stop and hesitate at such a small detail,

And that small detail = a world of hate
With those same people - and a song of protest
Can be rising now to rebel
And cry out to the world: ENOUGH OF KILLING'

Yaron Zamir


I know there is still time
I am going off to the army, who knows what will be
Yet still I should like
You all to know I enjoyed writing
Whatever: poems, verses, articles
And letters to friends of both sexes.

With age, it wanes a bit
Maybe you need more quiet and time
In order to write and experience through writing
Yet still, the way things are at present
In Israel, it's hard to write what comes from the heart
And be satisfied with what's been written

Yaron Zamir


Yaron's words at the kibbutz Highschool farewell party

The one who cares

Hello and good evening. Chats new? Chats going on? Don't you know me from somewhere? Right? The fellow who was always in a Hashomer Hatzair shirt, trying to be a youth leader! He's a great guy, always organizing things thats how I look to you. Am I wrong? Sometimes I have thoughts about leaving all this. Thoughts which tell me to give up being responsible for everything so as to devote a bit more time to myself. On second thoughts, however, I like it the way it is.

There are moments when one climbs up above the daily friction and reaches the culmination of a joint effort - its then you feel that you don't live all alone, that together with you there are other people who want to create something here and theres a brotherhood between them and its good to live together.

Yes, he's a great guy, always organizing things. Thats how I look to you.

(Speaking choir)
There?s much to disagree on the group framework
But we are deep within it,
Maybe we've come to the end of our common path
But we're not saying if its bad or good
The group created many characters
But each one is different

July 1979
Work in the Kibbutz before the army.

Yes its a bit different
because today I'm working in the kindergarten
but its worth remembering
Just so an to think and reflect over
a very beautiful period
when I worked in the cotton branch.

At first light when the sun comes
out I open my early morning eyes
wash my face and dress at once

Drinking black coffee in the dining hall
but I'm awake and it doesn't help
I make my way to the garage
picking up my friend who got lost on the way.

We arrive at the garage and at once see
that the tractor and I - are real friends
and with companions like this there’s nothing to worry about
For they are strong' extremely so –
Of course it depends on the work
be it cultivating or dragging pipes
but yesterday evening the boss had said:
'You're moving pipes tomorrow',
And there’s no arguing with the boss
otherwise he gets sore as hell
One tends to the tractor, fills it and examines it
everything's ready and we can go -

I go out into the fields and its all open
the sun is shining and a gentle wind is blowing
I enter the line closest to Ein Dor
place the rope and begin to drag the pipes.

He works from morning until lunchtime
and there are still many pipes to move
works until three and until five
the sun is setting, its quarter to six
and so he works on for many days
and there'll always be more pipes.

A final word: yes, its a bit different today,
because now I'm a kindergarten teacher
and instead of dragging pipes
I'm only dragging kids -



First of all, Mazaltov on your 17th birthday and all my greetings for success in everything you do.

The age of 17 for a girl is like 18 for a boy and he becomes a man.

Now you're becoming more responsible for what you do and even more: you're slowly changing from a girl to a woman and thats a marvellous stage in life, which never returns.

I hope we'll know how to maintain contact and the friendly relations we built up even when I'll be in the army and you'll be remaining here.


To Idith,
...The army's approaching with giant steps and as if thats not enough my mobilization was advanced to 31.1.80, which is in another 19 days...trying to go out and enjoy life as much as possible, though its not pleasant to go out alone....

Shalom Yaron,

How are you nowadays? Theres no doubt that you are at the beginning of a long march and we here behind the lines want to accompany you the whole way. This is the first letter to you as a soldier and even though we' va had soldiers in the family - everything is also new for us - these are different times and we ourselves are so different from each other.

You may have hours and days when you'll want to be in contact ? and you won?t be able to come home ? and then if you?ll write it will be the link that that ties us together.

Between ourselves - the purpose of the army is to defend our country - and our homes, which is why the contact is so important - isn't it so?

You know your old man (thats me..) - even though these are certainly not simple weeks - the transition to a life of receiving orders and a certain loss of personal independence - I'd suggest you also always try to see what?s happening to you 'from the side' - that is, not to get lost in little things, even the most difficult ones, but to be able to get the maximum out of every experience, every day, and every person who is with you. If you'll succeed in seeing things this way - you'll see how full is the world of experiences; information, relationships, understanding behavior, etc. And this can of course help greatly in trying to preserve your fantastic sense of humor.  Its easy for me to write to you with advice but to the extent that you respond
to my letter and my words, we can develop, even in writing, an exchange which will be enriching for both of us, For example, another change which has potential - letters - is a new and additional dimension for contact between people - and this compels us to consolidate our thinking, our ideas, and also to give expression to our emotions -

We rely on you to get over your first acclimatization wherever you may be (just-as you found your way on the metro in Paris without problems..).

Warm regards from Ima and Tamar - and write when you can.

With love

Hello parents,

I got started on the right foot as the week began and up to now all's going well.

When one reaches the base after leaving home, it creates a sort of pit of depression, which feels as if it will never go, but now its all different and one can see smiles.

We were divided into new platoons but before the initial training they'll apparently change this again

We have an excellent unit commander and he appointed me to be duty trainee - a thankless task.  Among the guys who are with me there are another three kibbutzniks from Menara and Hagoshrim and since the whole unit was inducted at the same time, everyone knows each other - and this creates crystallization and mutual confidence, without too much worry.

Naturally one has to lock everything up but thats how it is in the army.

Now its 20.30 in the evening - we're sitting in the room and waiting for our second room to be free since they're shooting a television film on the Golani Brigade with the participation of some people from our section - a lot of alarm and confusion but we'll overcome this as well.

So thats it this time.
Hope to be home at the weekend
Don't send anything!


Hello Idith,

How are you, how are things in the army?

Things are better with me and I've started initial training if one can call it that because we haven't been given arms yet (some have) but I'll apparently get mine tomorrow since on Tuesday we have an induction march of some 17 kilometers from Mount Tabor to the Golani crossroads.

I'm fairly fit and apart from that the morale is higher and its sure to be nice even though I'll surely have to push and help others for I have a feeling that not all are in a good physical condition and certainly not in the right frame of mind

Up to now I've managed to be at home every Friday, but apparently next week when its Purim in the kibbutz I'll have to stay here and this gets me down as this is the  Festival in the kibbutz..

Shalom Idith,

This week was easier from a psychological point of view and passed very quickly, which was really good.  I was duty trainee and though this is a wholly thankless task, it has several advantages like - not working, no guard duty, certain leave on Friday etc. But I'd prefer to be what is called a ?small head' - a simple soldier in the unit without pressure of time having to transfer the commander's orders to the other soldiers.

There are always those who think they're badly done to and knocked around and that the duty trainee is just shit and more than once you get involved in confrontation with people with whom you have no common language, people from town but I don't say this to their detriment, but they simply don't get accustomed so quickly to things like being together all the time - something which is the foundation of kibbutz life and with us its in our blood..


Shalom Yaron,

In case you don't succeed in getting home for Purim, I hope you'll get this letter in time to wish you a happy Purim - wherever you may be - and I think this is the secret, or one of the main secrets of adapting to every situation; always to look for the beam of light in the given situation.

When one can change the situation - fine, one must work in that direction. Out when one can't change - its pointless to waste time, energy nerves and whets more, to complain and regret - better to invest all this in exploiting whatever is possible in the new situation,

Believe me - personally - there were times when I'd awake in the middle of the night and 'worry' whether all the plans for the field-crops tomorrow are in order. And naturally, in bed the various possibilities are endless...

Until I realized that if there is really a problem - its worthwhile to get up, take pencil and paper and make a note of the various possibilities, with their advantages and disadvantages - and to choose which is preferable,

Then I could sleep well and I'd have the physical and spiritual strength to tackle what tomorrow would bring.

The 'swearing-in' ceremony yesterday was impressive and it was good and important for us to be with you then especially, and with the soldiers with whom you are now training,

The 'law' of worrying about the unfamiliar also works with us. Now that we've seen you, after a hard day, during which you did all you could ? and your company ? it?s clearer to us how things are with you.

That, of course, is a delicate hint that you should continue to involve us in what looks to you like things that we need to or can know.

I don't know if Gilad told you that he's going to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem today to bring Tsipi's things at this stage to Kibbutz Eilon and she'll come to us in a month's time.

You surely know that she's pregnant - so they really intend to build a family and we are all very happy and hope of course, as usual, that they'll want to live here but we're aware that its not simple because as we know, Tsipi is very much connected to Eilon.

Its raining again and it looks as if it won't end this year - but it nevertheless looks as if you'll do your basic training in more reasonable weather.

We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you soon

All our love from Ima and Abbe
Tamar and Gilad.

Hello parents,

I got your letter, Abbe, today, its the Purim Festival in the kibbutz and I'm stuck here and the nearer we got to the Festival the more I felt a need to be home, and when I think back I never missed a Purim in the kibbutz, and certainly not in the last few years, and suddenly to get out of the routine of this great Festival, its a bit disillusioning.

I must admit, the weekend in the army base isn't too bad - one can rest and shares time to finish things you wanted to do, and didn't manage all week because of the tough schedule,and thats also the reason that one doesn't manage to write in the middle of the week.

Since the swearing-in march, we've entered a more organized and properly arranged routine - of course the schedule is tough and we're pressed for time but thats to be expected and I'm relatively rather apathetic to it and take it quite easily, in contrast to most of the people I'm with.

As regards the group, one slowly becomes accustomed and its not BS bad as it looked in the first day or two before making acquaintance.

Our commanders are good and in spite of the pushing around, which is a part of the basic training, they are nevertheless human beings and the unit is satisfied with them.

Yesterday, Thursday, we had a trip to the Golen Heights, going to places where I've been more than once but in spite of the rainy weather it was nice.

We were in Tel Pachar, Gamia and Hammat Gader. Unfortunately we got to Hammat Gader a bit late (17.30) and it was rather dark and the starlings were already settled on the trees but even so it was very impressive.

Gamia was full of eagles and we went to the waterfalls Thats something terrific, water in mighty quantities pouring down from 51 meters, which is very high The canyon is altogether beautiful and everything green, and again, it was a pity it was all full of mud, but one makes the best of it and everything passes.

So thats it this time and see you on this coming Friday.

Regards to Tamar and Gilad.


Hello Idith,

How is the armor instructor?

Well, I got your letter at home and I'd like to wish you every success in work as an instructor, because its a difficult area of work (from experience) with the satisfaction which one gets sometimes very small, and especially if its a girl who has to teach some material to a platoon of boys for whom the tank becomes of no interest when a girl stands before them. Right?

So here's to your success. Ok?

Here in our initial training, we've started to work harder, if one can call it work. But in any case you soon discover where you are, what you're worth and a lot more things that in civilian life one can't find out.

Ilana from 'Maayan' passed on your regards - apart from this I'm in good contact with her and it gives a lot to see and talk to any girl after a tough day!

Perhaps I forgot to tell you about the swearing-in march - 18 km. It was ok, of course one must help a lot and push but thats part of the business and has to be done.

Thats it this time, l?d like to hear quickly

Shalom parents!

Whats new with you, how are you managing in these terrible cold days?

Ima is doubtless digging in at home and Abba bringing supper,like a good husband, Ha?

Saturday passed with quite a bit of trouble, even though we were sure that we could get a good rest. But we had a lot of work and there wasn't much time to rest or read a paper etc. since the gun has to be cleaned, the square cleaned, etc.

On Friday night we slept about 7 hours and it was wonderful and gave us strength to continue because on Saturday itself I wasn't able to sleep more than 45 minutes which is less than expected, but what can one do..

After Saturday, the military regime gets into action and we went to sleep at 11.30 at night.

We got up at 2 a.m. so as to go to Ginnosar to provide security for the funeral of Yigal Allon. So we were again not able to sleep and though everyone thought it would be fun to get out of the base for something like this - in summation it was quite bad because of the bad weather (rainy) and much work in which security was the smallest part. A lot of people were expected and apparently the weather deterred very many from coming, though of course all the VIP's came (including Major Hadad!) to honor an outstanding leader.

We prepared all the fencing - angle-iron and ropes hundreds of meters long winding around the kibbutz. In short- we worked our arse off, including the work at the end of dismantling the fence etc.

It was quite impressive but in a modest atmosphere without too much pomp and ceremony.

We returned to the base two hours ago and our commander already promised we'll all be punished if by Friday two soldiers who were absent almost two weeks without leave don't come back.

He also threatened that if they won't be here, we won't get leave and we won't got home on Friday. Hard to believe but...

Thats it this time




Shalom Idith,

I got your letter yesterday from the place where you are stationed and apart from this I got a parcel from home and in general this is a little festival.

The letter - even though you wrote it in the air and quickly was marvellous and I think you expressed all your true feelings towards your new job and towards your present environment.

The parcel was also good - my sister knitted me a scarf and a woollen hat which stretches over my whole face because its terribly cold here - I already got cold burns on my toes (its a sort of feeling that the toe is asleep all the time).

I've got ankle problems, they get twisted a lot through running in darkness or stepping badly. I try to stay healthy and not to complain about anything, even if it actually disturbs me.

As for problems of discipline - I don't have any problems, I'm a good boy, give everything I have and even though the attitude of the commanders towards me is good and they rely on me, from the point of view of benefits they still haven't shown an open hand - I hope for an improvement on their part.

Here, too the Sergeant-major is  the devil incarnated but apparently thats how it is in every IDF  camp and they frighten the soldiers so there'd be order and discipline in all and always.

By the way, all of them have sharp eyes and they always manage to catch someone who isn't behaving, so that it isn't only you or your base which has this sort of Sargeant-major.

The platoon is beginning to crystallize, even though there are still cases of tardiness etc. and also a new soldier or two still arrive but apparently this will soon stop.

The group is pretty good but naturally they aren't all equal - neither from a physical point of view - the ability to suffer - nor from the point of view of understanding and common sense, and all this creates disputes and confrontations which for the most part end quickly because of the need for mutual help.

There were two irregular cases up to now but because of the censorship it is preferable not to write about them.

The weather was wonderful all week - spring-like and hot during the day - cold at night of course and last night of all nights there was a flood but it looks like clearing up and that's goods

Thats it for this time - the routine goes on and along with it we go on, time passes and thats good.

Hope to hear


To the parents,

... finally it seems the spring has come... the best thing would be if we could put the clock forward to a little less than three years and then I'd already be home!...
To Idith,
... I'm writing again from the good home the home where I so much want to be when one is far off; the home which cares for you and gives you a framework for your life. And the home which gives you backing so you can go on, go on and come back again.
To Idith,
... its always good to come home, and know you have somewhere to return to. To know you have your place of work and young people you know and love - with whom you have worked together for years. The first part of initial training is already behind us..


Ein Dor 17.4.80
Shalom Yaron, I thought about you and about the letters I write to you ? what is strange to me is the distance between the ?written? and the spoken.  I'm aware all the time of the fact that a distance of 40 ('!') years is hard to bridge - but you know me - I try...

The very struggle - to try and find a common language with you - is a terrific challenge for me and who knows, perhaps we'll discover it - naturally it must be done together, for a language only exists when at least two people are in contact. I thought that maybe you'd be prepared to join me in a sort
of 'diary' of yours in the army. Whats your opinion?

I know you write 'easily' - you don't have any problem to express yourself in writing.

Isn't it an idea?

Through writing of the experiences which you're passing through in these years, or in these days and weeks, - you yourself can perhaps learn better to exploit these not-so-simple days through which you are living.

When I think, for example, of the distance of light-years - so it seems to me - between life in the kibbutz in the framework of the 'glasshouse' of the highschool and the confrontation with army life, I ask myself if we do indeed prepare our sons for this confrontation? Whats your opinion? Would you have like to got to the army with different preparation? And in practice, isn?t it at all possible to 'prepare' for army life as it is today?

I'm trying to think of ways 'to reach you', to create waves of thought and close or similar communications. I thought I would try to think - maybe I'd tell you what I was 40 years ago.. when I was 19.  I remembered the year 1940!

Can you imagine what the world was then? Its true I was in San Francisco, but in Europe, Hitler was acting like a madman at the height of his impudence and murderousness.  Already I'm drawing back from telling the tale - you'll think that I'm trying to 'glorify' what we did when we were young.  I don't think under any circumstances that I stood before challenges more difficult than those you face today. And I say this in all sincerity.

But if you'd be interested to discuss, to write - about something like this - to try and understand what it was like to be 19 in that period? There is no obligation!  I'm open to any other way and believe it or not - just to write about the most prosaic things. So - the ball is at your feet. Play if - how - and when you like.

With love

Dear Ima,

Its true that its a bit late and perhaps it looked as if I'd forgotten, but no!

The army makes people forget times and dates and all you want is for the time to move ahead more quickly.

On the other hand, its hard to forget home and you, Ima, who thinks and worries about me so much. As for the contact - it is a fact that it has not been severed, because you send me parcels and Abba writes me letters.

After many years of ?tension' between us, I feel there is a greater proximity between us and this is expressed in your real excitement and joy when I come home from the army.

So be well and strong and a lot of congratulations - and go on worrying about me as you have up to now'

Love, Yaron

Hello parents'
I'm finally writing, and answering you, even though I was home only yesterday. This morning I had hardly arrived at the base when they took me off the bus to do a sports test - the 'Bar-on' examination. I didn't even change from my good clothes and I went straight into horizontal bars (tension), from prostrate to sitting positions and a 2,000 meter sprint - altogether its a bit annoying in spite of all the goodwill I have. In any case, I got good results-and the officers were very satisfied. In




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