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Yaron's Writings: Early Childhood





  Dan Leon

  Ramah & Yehoshua Zamir

  4.1 Early Childhood
  4.2 School Days
  4.3 Army Days





Yaron's Writings

Early Childhood

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From: Yaron
To: Gilad

Shalom Gilad. I feel well, Our dog Sissi is ok. I'm running wild with Sissi,
she sometimes bites me.

Open the house  Open the flowers
Open the weeds


From: Yaron
To: Gilad

Shalom Gilad,

We are studying the poems of Kadya Moldovsky. We were at a play about "The Nightingale". It was in Kibbutz Yif'at. A few days ago I was in Wingate for the farewell party of Yigal, since Amram had asked Abba to take photos. It was very nice. We are putting on three plays: one about the girl Eilat, the second about the barrel; and the third about the letter. We are going to summer camp with the kvutsa. We are going to kibbutz.
Ga' ash. I hope you feel well. I'm finishing the letter


Remembering Hannah  

I remember the old house which was set apart But nothing helped, something always got in, Can you guess? Ok it was the mice, I remember they got up on the bed, Hannah, Ruth and Sarah had to get rid of them, I remember that when we moved to the new house we were terribly happy and we brought over various things in wheelbarrows and things were even better. When Yaakov joined us and Moshe, it was great, I remember how we helped Hannah get them used to things but in the end Yaakov went to another place and we were left with Moshe only but Hannah looked after him and we helped him He was really a nice boy I’m sorry that you are leaving Hannah.

If I had a magician's hat

If I had a magician's hat I would ask for peace I would want it to come here I would want there to be nice houses and strong - I'd want the kibbutz to be rich with tractors and a lot of houses every day every day I dream of a magician's hat decorated with a feather doing everything I want.

Story of a tree

Once there was an old tree and its branches
were like an old man.  All the trees
mocked at it. Only one tree
would defend it against all the bad
Once in the evening the two trees, the old
and the young were telling each other
stories about past days. The old one
said: 'I had difficult and good days. I'll tell you
about the good days'. He told how he had lived among good trees
and strangling tree and this tree got hold of a pig
another tree brought a sharp stone
and they cut the pig into slices
they put all that had to be put
but suddenly one tree remembered
that they need fire, what did it do: it asked
every tree to contribute to the bonfire a few
branches and he also added some
And so all the trees
ate steaks, I think they
prepared this better than Amnon Shachar,
the best steak-maker in the kibbutz
and if you don't believe there
is a strangling tree, then read in the children's paper 'Mishmar leyeladim'
in the new issue number 21.

The Story of a Soldier in Gideon's Army 

When the attack took place we entered with torches, jugs and rams’ horns! How did we get in, in spite of everything, even though there were guards? We came to the head guard, gave him 50 pounds and said he should behave, otherwise it would be bad for him.  We also agreed with  him what day  the attack would take place - it was set for Tuesday and we would attack at night. Today was Saturday,  another three days to go. We prepared the torches, the horns and the jugs. The torches were set so they would burn completely, the horns were to be a  sign and  frighten, and the jugs were to  cover the torches so they wouldn't give off any light. The jugs would also be used to put over the enemy's heads. The day of the attack came. We met the guard we had bribed and penetrated the camp. The enemy  was asleep so everything went well. The attack  took  place at 12.30 at night, and the enemy fled.  Because of the intense darkness,  they began to fight among themselves, while we, Gideon's camp, burst  with laughter. That was how we got rid of the Midianites.

We want peace we want peace

If you'll tell us that Nasser doesn't care
we want peace'
Nasser, we want peace - we'll fight
for the Homeland
Even if it will be a birthday - we'll knock twice on your door

Nasser we want peace
Nasser we went peace
If you'll say: 'I don't care', then we'll tell
you, what are you babbling about to me, Nasser - tell us its peace!
We want it today. To have a big party with good refreshments and a cake
Too.  Nasser, we want peace,

Words and tune by Yaron.

From: Yaron
To: Ramah, Yehoshua & Tamar
I'm in Yagur at the ballet. The time is 4:15.

Shalom parents and Tamar!
What's new? I'm fine! As I told you, I'm in kibbutz Yagur and the performance hasn't started yet. This morning we were in the Haifa maritime museum and it was great.  After that we went to the court but there wasn't actually a trial we could see. We walked a lot and I went to the port.

We sailed in a boat, it was very nice, but there was an unfortunate incident. We were in a boat with another 75 children from Holon.  The 'boss' of the boat was a miserable old man who said that 120 more children had come and there isn't another boat so we won't go to the Kishon river as he had promised.  He said that the kibbutzniks are 'snobs' and they raise the price of tomatoes for no reason.  The performance is now about to start.So I'll sign off. 

With love,



Written in an essay writing lesson

I'm just sitting here
And thinking like everyone else
I have nothing to write
I'm dressed as warm as a bear.

Its simply cold. The stove isn't lit
If it gets worse
I'll yell out.

The wind is already blowing in
I'm not lost yet
So give me ink and writing materials Otherwise I'm trapped.

I'm just writing
And its becoming clear here
To the whole world
That I'm only a poet.

Written on Holocaust Day  1973

Awaiting Freedom
He can't get out to freedom
He wanted more than anything to be free
Death in a camp where people were burned to death was approaching
He couldn't see this, his heart was clamped.

Skillfully, speedily, he tried to escape
But never' He was stopped by force.
Where are you going, Jew-boy?
What do you think, Kid
That you'll manage to get away like that?
Never! They'll stop you by force

I tried again and again
Even through the sewage pipes
I forged my way through the filth
But in the end I twisted my knee
And I retraced my steps
To the camp up above.
Here there is hardly any bread
Here I'm almost drying up.

I'm expecting to be saved, or that a miracle
will come in
and tell me: go back now
run away now to freedom.

I'm waiting here for the miracle
which will come in
Here in the camp
I'm sitting reflecting and thinking

Written on Yud Alef be'Adar in memory of Yosef Trumpeldor.

There was once a man
Whose name was Yosef Trumpeldor
He came from Russia
And fought for his existence.
By night he ploughed
And by day he was on watch
This was the stance he took
Though he had one arm.

They stood at Tel-Chai from there they wouldn't budge
They repelled the invaders
as in legendary times.

Together against a multitude,
They held out for days,
They asked their people
to send them fighters
They stood before their would-be conquerers
'A Jewish stronghold is never abandoned'

Yes, there in Galilee
He held out nobly
They made an exemplary stand
Without mourning and grief.

Once they were tempted
And opened the gate
Then the Arabs entered
And bloody battles took place
Trumpeldor was injured there
And taken off on a stretcher.
The doctor asked how he felt

And he replied: 'It is good to die for our country'

From: Yaron
To: Naomi

Shalom Naomi!

What's new? I'm feeling great, I want to tell you about the events of the last few days. I'll tell you about the farewell performances.  This Friday evening every kvutsa had prepared a performance to put on that evening. 'Ilanot' opened the evening. They presented the study subjects which they had learned. They are only in the second and third grade and it was really beautiful.

Tell Ginger that his sister Orit performed wonderfully.  It's better not to describe kvutsat Ayala's play! Being in the fourth and fifth grade and having such a low level (in my opinion) they should not have gone on stage.

We put on the play 'This is the history of', which describes the childhood days of our kvutsa and growing up. In my opinion it went well and was very nice.

Then came the children's holiday. In the morning every child received a T-shirt with the 25th anniversary symbol of Ein Dor.

At 9 in the morning, the whole kibbutz went to a field behind the new houses, and the crop-spraying plane came and parachuted bags of sweets! It was very nice.  Afterwards everyone went to the swimming pool and icecream was given out.   At lunch time there was a partial eclipse. Abba prepared a black negative for me so I could see the eclipse.

At 4.30 there was a short procession and then the party started. In the old dining hall there was 'carting' and near the children's shelter there were 'mini-cars' for the little ones. There was a 'tractor-train' and something similar but smaller. There was sugar floss, a strength tester and shooting at a target with an airgun. There were also camels. The festival was marvellous.


Some of the group went away today, some had left yesterday. The sea was fine and we also went in canoes. Afterwards we went to the 'garden of surprises' in Tel Aviv near the Yarkon. It was really pleasant there and we played tag against part of 'Ilanot' and then went by foot to the Sdeh Dov airport and flew to Mahanayim with an Arkia plane. We saw kibbutz Ein Dor from the plane. It was marvellous, terribly exciting.  We came down in Mahanayim and waited for Moshe Cohen who came in a bus and took us to Ein Dor.

I'll finish here.

Your loving brother

 From: Yaron
To: Naomi

Shalom Naomi, for us - your old father is gradually beginning to find a common language with his young son Yaron - and I think I told you that he is training me in basketball according to all the rules - and is he a tough nut' Until I learned ?a step and a half' I felt almost finished. But it's excellent for me, and no less good for him - so much so that after the first bout of training he asked why I didn't actually read the sports news. I promised him to take more interest once I got into the subject. What saved me in netting the ball was my having looked at several games on television.

The day before yesterday it was the start of the second week of vacation following the pleasant surprises of the first week, including an aeroplane flight over the country. It was then I asked him if he wanted to come and photograph with me. He was very happy. I set the light and the speed and focused for him, then let him shoot. And there is in all truth no possibility of differentiating between his photos and mine

And so in general everything is ok and yesterday Yaron informed us that from now on we shouldn't worry if he didn't come to our room. He's grown up and has all sorts of activities and training practice in the afternoons and if he doesn't come to us he says there is no cause for concern - all this while finishing off a two pound melon.

The Yom Kippur War

Greetings to a soldier somewhere on the front
Greetings to a soldier fighting out there
Defending his homeland bravely
With his whole heart and soul.

His heart is thundering like a machine gun
is somewhere beating so strongly
'I won't give up' his comrade yells
But he was hit by a bullet and he breathed his last.

And then he took the machine gun in his hands
and with strangled tears spat fire
With weeping eyes he stands and looks
Crying and crying for his fallen comrade.

Its terrible to see women, old people and children
all weeping over a young man who was taken from them
who is now imprisoned somewhere in a foreign land
where it is very hot.

Stunned people and bereaved parents
Are also weeping here over the blood of those who fell.


I saw lines
Red lines
Red lines of blood

Going on and on
Twisting in the hills
In the high hills somewhere.
Maybe they'll join
And maybe they'll still form
Form the character of a human being.

And the human being became
a person who walks,
a person of flesh and blood

And the blood which was spilled
Went to the hills
joined together and was transformed into a man

From: Yaron
To Hannah

To Hannah, Shalom!

How are you? All is well with me.  If you'll look at the name which appears down below at the end of the letter, you may pinch yourself and ask if its correct that the name written there black upon white is Yaron: but it's the truth.

Well, you will certainly not understand why I'm writing to you at all, after I didn't reply for two years to your long letter. Apparently I simply felt in my heart that it wasn't right that the whole thing should end that way. I understand that you've gone up to the kibbutz highschool.

Don't think that I'm sex mad or something of that sort. We were both simply very young relatively, 13 years old, and don't think I don't remember the date of your birthday!  26th of October, right?

Hannah, it may be that you have a boyfriend and don't think I'm trying to begin this romance (if you'd like to call it that) from the start. I simply wanted to write to you and I promise that if I get a letter from you I'll surely come to Hatzor in the summer, during the long vacation.

Incidentally, don't think I didn't see you, and you me, in the Jerusalem camp. I still don't have a girlfriend and if I will have one it may only be next year, who knows? Hannah, I hope you take the reply to me seriously for its important for me to know what you think of me!!

I hope you've grown and remained as beautiful as you were then.

The address:
Yaron Zamir, Kibbutz Ein Dor,  DN Yizrael 19-335

In friendship,


From Hannah
To: Yaron

Shalom to you, Yaron,

When I was wondering from whom I could got a letter without a name on the back of the envelope, I really couldn't imagine that it would be from you. But as it turns out it's a fact, right?

In any case, I'm replying to you: a) because I'm awfully fond of writing letters and b) because I'm curious to know what really motivated you suddenly to write to me...

I wanted to tell you that I don't have a boyfriend: as yet I haven't ever had one. (I believe that in time I'll have one..), But now I don't mean anything like this but just to write, to be friends if that's how you want to call it. Now I'm thinking what else to tell you:

Should I tell about myself, about the high school, or about heaven knows what? But I don't know if it'll be interesting - anyway, a bit about myself on condition that you also tell a little about yourself so that we'll get to know each other better. (I can't hear your answer but you're saying 'ok', right?).

So: I'm just average in everything - height 160, weight 52 kg., not too high and not too low, neither especially fat nor thin, I'm not the cleverest but certainly not the most stupid.

I very much like to read poetry, to study literature and chemistry, to dance, to sing, to paint and to like everyone in the kvutsa. My standing is pretty good, I'm not particularly hated but neither am I the best liked (I told you I'm terribly average, nothing special in me. What can one do?), At the beginning of the year I thought everyone in the group hated me and I was terribly depressed, It took me a little time to understand that life doesn't always divide everything up into black and white, into only hats and love, I understood that not everyone can love me because this is the way of the world.

With me, everything simply affects my emotions directly and its only later that reason comes in. Well, that's it more or less. I think I've told you a little about who I am even though I'd like to tell you more but I was a bit afraid it would bore you and perhaps you wouldn't understand what I was getting at and who I really am. Apart from this its happened to me several times that I told too much and afterwards I was sorry.




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