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Yaron's Writings: Army Days





  Dan Leon

  Ramah & Yehoshua Zamir

  4.1 Early Childhood
  4.2 School Days
  4.3 Army Days






Final Words


What else can we tell about our Yaron? Ramah says: just tell how much we loved him...Lets not present him as a hero.  Perhaps: 'Yaron was born when we were no longer young and died at the age of 21'.  And all agree that he should have buried us and now we, his parents, who are 61 years old, are telling his story.

Or perhaps: 'Yaron was full of contradictions'.  Yaron was the champion name-giver in the kibbutz and in the army as well, nobody escaped from him. But he, too, had nick-names and the most appropriate was 'walnut', with a hard exterior and a soft interior.  This expressed itself above all in poems and letters, which we found carefully arranged in a drawer after his death.  But he was really hard outside, more muscular than flexible. How he loved to come home after a hard day, lie down on the bed and ask for a massage somehow to assuage the tension.

Yaron liked to write and from a young age he joined words into sentences and wrote letters, essays and poems.  Yaron had a great love for basketball and for sport in general.  He was
never star of the match. He did better in training - apparently he was less good in the actual excitement of the match.  On the other hand, he always took care to help in everything connected to the organization of matches.  And he did indeed very much like to win and this was important to him.  He invested very much energy in improving his proficiency in a game like Sheshbesh (backgammon) rather than in study.

Yaron was at the beginning of his life, with everything still before him.  He had so much to complete, to fulfill, to improve. He searched obstinately and constantly for a girlfriend but failed to find one.  He read a lot but had yet to go into any subject in real depth.  He wrote a lot but still had much to learn, especially in broadening and deepening his general knowledge.  He loved, perhaps a little more than others, to receive attention, and was sometimes ready to act wildly and make people laugh in order to win this in his group.

He was very fond of...eating. For some years he was however, a vegetarian along with the male members of the family. But it was very important for him how the food was prepared. He was ready to invest a great deal in the aesthetic aspect of eating. And then, in his 'Yaronish' way, he was capable within minutes of consuming what had taken an hour to prepare.  And he liked to dress with style, with a refined and expensive taste. He was orderly in the highest degree, as if he knew that his life depended on his being ready at all times...

He had a wonderful memory and we were always surprised that he used it much more as a walking-encyclopedia for every sporting subject than for his actual studies.

He loved music of all types, yet more than anything 'modern' music from the Beatles to Pink Floyd, rock and Anti Caspi (Israeli pop) and the 'Natural Alternative' (Israeli Oriental group).

He very much loved his brother and two sisters but did not manage to know them as a mature person.  Neither did we as parents receive full gratification.  How could we?

Yaron simply loved life and dreamed how after the army he would travel in the wide world so as to become familiar with different realities. And from the letters steeped in love of Israel and Zionist sentiments, written to a brother abroad,  there was no doubt that he would return and build his home in the kibbutz.

And he loved to sing and dance. He loved to love and to live.

To remember the past

To live the present

To trust the future



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